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The Groom in Love

Solomon and Shulamite There is another wonderful link between David’s distinguished son and Jesus Christ, and perhaps this is the most important. It is the driving force of human life: love. Although Solomon went seriously astray in the prime of his life when he sank into idolatry under the influence of more than a thousand … Tovább The Groom in Love »

Solomon and Jesus

The Bible is the “art of approximation”: it shows how God attracts those who have turned away from Him, those who reject Him, and ultimately unites with them in perfect harmony. In order to depict this process, the Scripture is full of references. It essentially consists of complementary mosaic cubes that independently very rarely cover … Tovább Solomon and Jesus »

Job and Jesus

Many of the characters in the Bible more or less reflect the character and role of the divine Messiah in the salvation of mankind, that is, the character of Jesus Christ. One of these earliest characters is Job. All the ordeal he went through was not meaningless or unreasonable for a minute, even if then … Tovább Job and Jesus »

The real friend

A friend loveth at all times, and a brother is born for adversity. (Proverb 17:17) Increasingly less is spoken about friendship these days, although, ‘philosophers ranked it the first and most outstanding of fortunes: that is, it is the least exposed to what is most essential for humans and luck’. Whereas everybody has friends, the … Tovább The real friend »

God’s Favourites

The secrets of a unique relationship between God and man Inspired by my Brother, David Clayton There are people in the Bible and when Christians ponder about them today, they often sigh with envy. “It is so good for them! How God loved them!” – But we do not go beyond the infertile yearning. What … Tovább God’s Favourites »